A change you may want to know about....

Hey all, I have pm'ed a bunch of you to let you know that I have opened a new lj. I am separating out  love_of_anime  for fanfiction only and moving to  crystalrmartin for my real writing. This way my lj, blogspot, and website will match along with twitter and facebook. From here on out this journal will only be for fanfiction and my anime addiction. :D Anything else will be on the other journal. I hope this poses no problem for anyone, but it  had to be done. *Waves* See ya all over there. I really should have done this a long time ago....
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Good News...of a sort.

Well it's official. In about three weeks, I will be starting school. Our local community college has a program that runs a year to eighteen months. It is known as a (I)ndividualized (C)ertificate (P)rogram or ICP. Luckily some lovely woman before me, already created the specifics for my degree. In eighteen months when I have finished, I will have a certificate showing proficiency as a free lance writer. :D
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Book Review

Normal People Do the Craziest Things, by Dr. David Hawkins – I just had the pleasure of reading this book. The title caught my attention first and foremost. I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Hawkins writing. His style is engaging, and yet down to earth. This is an enjoyable, engrossing read. I found once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop. It was like sitting down to coffee with a trusted friend. I was also impressed with Dr. Hawkins, himself. He writes courageously of his own struggles, and his beliefs. He quotes scriptures from the bible, to lend weight to his ideas, without ever sounding tedious or moralizing. Chapter three properly titled “Courageously exploring Inner Space” is fascinating. This chapter has to be my favorite. Each time I reread it, I find a new discovery. This book is a true gem for those seeking perspective and personal growth. I give it four stars.

Seeing Amazing Sights...

Thanks to a good friend, I heard about this tonight.


Thank god, that after a rainy wet day, it cleared off. After GHI(Ghost Hunt International) the kids and I piled into the van. We drove up a local back road to the highest, clear spot. We parked and shut off all the lights. Out in the dark the meteor shower was amazing.

The kids were duly impressed when I gave them a simplified scientific explanation. We stayed for almost an hour. It was definitely worth the trip. We had a lot of fun just sitting in the dark watching the meteors race across the sky....
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Painting myself out of the corner....please help?

I have an interesting problem. I began an original story a while back. Just recently my interest in the piece was renewed. I felt like I could not move on until said story was finished. The problem is I have forgotten an original plot element. Here is a really short summary including the problem.

Boss asks harried assistant to meet with a new male client. The client is seeking a personal favor from the boss lady. Sparks fly between client and harried assistant and the story goes from there. My problem is I forgot what the personal favor was....

So now here I sit stuck. The story can't move forward, or in any direction until I can create a new favor. Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated. :)

Have You ever heard cheesecake call your name?

I have a hilarious story to share with everyone. Yesterday my mom needed me to go to Safeway for her and pick her up some carrot cake. Now if you haven't tried said carrot cake I demand you go out and buy a piece right now. I do not like carrot cake and this is really great carrot cake. It is an artisan fancy one. The cake runs around thirty bucks, and by the slice it is three ninety-nine.

Now imagine if you will, I am standing in the bakery among all the goodies while the bakery employee cut me some extra slices. The smells alone are delicious and I am eyeballing all kinds of wonderful, colorful treats. There are tortes, and cakes and then right before my eyes, I see a huge slice of heaven.

It was an extra tall slice of cheesecake with that perfect creamy color, a bit yellow, but not too much. Someone had lovingly drizzled melted chocolate on the top until it cooled into just a bit of a topping. At the top edge sat the most perfectly ripe strawberry. There wasn't a single green spot, or bruise. Every seed was perfectly in place and the stem was green and fresh. It was the pièce de résistance!

My mouth began instantly to water. I could imagine the delightful mix of flavor melting on my tongue. I turned away and then it happened. I swear to you it really happened. That little slice of heaven called my name.

"Crystal...", it said. I chose to ignore that bit of insanity. "Crystal," it tried again. I sucked in a nervous breath, just before it continued.

"You know you want me...I am after all a huge slice of heaven. Can you taste me all ready?" I was blown away that the delightful dessert had gotten into my head. I began tapping my foot to keep the urge at bay.

"Buy me...take me home...make me yours." My breathing must have increased because suddenly the bakery employee is looking at me oddly.

"Miss are you all right?" She gave me a concerned look.

"I am just resisting the cheesecake." The employee's eyes widened with surprise. I don't think that is what she expected. Finally the employee was printing the price labels. With a knowing smile she handed them over.

"Must resist the cheesecake..." I mumbled as I walked away. The cheesecake was still trying to garner my attention with sweet promises of how delightful it was. Let me tell you, it was a battle of wills. It took every ounce of my courage--knowing that a slice of heaven was calling my name--to walk away. It was the closest I've ever come to being weak-willed and caving in to five-thousand calories. So I ask have you ever heard cheesecake calling your name?
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Pieces of me...

I have to take a moment and share my thoughts/experiences. So here I am as a parent, here I am as a daughter, here I am as a person, and all that is good. Now here I am as an employee...not really. With no recent verifiable employment history this leaves me feeling inadequate at best and useless at worst.

All those other parts of me are competent, secure in the knowledge that I am capable. This other part of me, the part that provides financial security is a total puddle of gelatinous waste. No, seriously, I have been trying for five months now to find employment and provide at least the basics for myself and my kids. It isn't happening. I have sold myself until I am blue in the face.

People aren't willing to take a risk on a person that has no history of being a good employee. Keep in mind that being a Domestic Engineer--creative title for homemaker--for sixteen years does not count. ~(*o*)~
Peaceful Priestess

A Lovely Picnic...Me what?

I had the best time today. A couple of Ladies that I met a while back, decided we should have a picnic at our local lake. The weather was neither hot nor cold, just cloudy and mild, perfect picnic weather. We all brought goodies, and man what a treat! (Cucumber Sandwiches, Dip, Chips, Deli Meats, Cheese. Can you say yummy?) We laughed, and had our serious moments too. The chance to just let down our hair and relax made for a great opportunity. I think we all needed the bonding, the laughter, the joy. I can't quite put it into words, but I believe a fabulous time was had by all. The cheesecake was just icing on the cake. ;D

Life within, life without, eh who knows?

Well life comes at you fast, as some car insurance advertises. (State Farm, Allstate,I can't recall.) Since my last update, I did the hardest thing yet, and filed. Friday was our first court date. I will not go into the gory details here, because they consume enough of my time in real life. Besides, I don't want this too tainted by the sheer horror of it all. I know I know...no one ever said divorce was fun or easy.

As for writing, I am plodding away, but at what I don't know. Sounds silly right? It is, actually. I don't know what to write. All the ideas floating around in my creative center won't mesh or congeal into anything that is remotely interesting. On the other hand I've been reading a lot, which for me is a sign. I can't read when I write, and I can't write when I read. Thank goodness I just finished a book.

Maybe now I'll be able to straighten up the mess inside my head....

Well that's all for now. I'll share more soon enough. :)

Happy Fourth of July What?


Well although for me it's somewhat not so happy. This is my first fourth without my kids. Per the divorce papers, he got the kids this weekend. They are at the beach camping, and I am hanging solo. The upside is my neighbors cordially invited me over for dinner and to enjoy their fireworks. I bought a banana split ice cream pie to take for dessert.

I hope before that I can get some writing done. Sadly lately, my creativity is missing. On the upside, here in the next couple of weeks, I may have some exciting news.....So everyone be safe, but have a blast.

For those outside the U.S. enjoy your Sat/Sun..... :)